Whatever is going on, everyone is being affected. We can’t blame
Mercury retrograde because it is finished. Everyone I have been
connecting with are having computer glitches and also fuzzy brain
thinking. I KNOW there has to be a reason for all of this although
not a logical reason. Our hearts are taking over and the mind
is having a hard time giving up the control it had to take over
when our hearts hurt so much that we shut it down. The mind took
over what was the heart’s function but it was a long time ago and
now that the HEART is back, the mind is having a hard time going
back to doing ONLY it’s own function. Our minds are so important
after all are human, but we are now allowing our hearts to function
the way they used to and the whole apple cart is upset. The balance
of duties or roster has been altered and every function of our human
bodies is attempting to find it’s own place and be synchronistic with
all the other functions.

Have any of your scheduled appointments been delayed, or cancelled or
you are unable to get one? Even my Physical Therapy office was
having intermittent problems with their computer. It seems that the
schedules that we and our daily events live by have been tossed
upside down. Our minds are not functioning as logically as before
and answers are hard to come by. Delays and unusual events in our
daily life are the norm now.

I believe I mentioned that I had new exterior doors and one new
storm door. The storm door that I decided was still good enough
on the advice of my son needed new handles and Thumb screws that
hold the screen or window in place. Well, guess what? I could
not find a handle or thumb screw to fit anywhere and I could not
find my paperwork. I was angry with myself because I could not
find it because I am fastidious (pride) about holding onto any
paperwork in case I might need it. I knew it had been quite a
while ago but no matter where I looked I could not find it.

I could not even find out what brand it was, there were no markings
anywhere on the door. He took off the old handle and brought it with
him to find one that fit. He couldn’t! I bought one that might
fit and my son thought he could drill a few holes and make it fit.
He tried very hard but the latch would not catch, he finally gave
up and went home. The old handle was all in pieces and he planned
on coming back in a few days. I taped over the holes where the
handle should be to keep the bugs out….

This left me with a full screen door with no way to lock it and no
handle to open it. I tied a belt around it so I could push it on
one side and pull the belt on the other side to get in the house.
In the meantime we were having, I believe three heat waves in a row.
I had no air conditioning and this was my only screen for the living
room and the only way to get air when the temperature went down at
night with my kitchen ceiling fan helping out. This fan was clicking
and shaking up a storm and looking like it would fall down on top
of the table at any moment.

My son fell ill and could not get back to my house as he planned.
When I would sit at night to watch TV, I would open the inside door
but as it was dark, I could not tell if anyone was on my deck and
I could not lock the screen lock or even latch it. I had to close
it at night because I could not leave my home unlocked. This has
gone on for a month, one day at a time and one week at a time.

To make a long story short, for a couple of days I had been getting
nudged to check my fire proof safe to see if the paper work was in
there. You know, that little voice you hear but it is soft and
goes away so quickly. I finally dug through the closet and got
the safe out and started to weed through the papers. Guess what
I found? Yep, you guessed it, the paper work I needed. I keep asking
my guidance to speak louder so I will know it is them and yet, I
KNOW that I need to be more aware of it so I will hear it when
I am given guidance. This is something we are all learning.

I had purchased it in 2001 so it was 12 years old but I had the
brand now and also the serial number. I also had the phone
number to call which I did immediately. They had the record of
my purchase and knew just what parts I needed. I ordered them
and am now waiting for delivery.

My son called me this morning and apologized over and over again for
not realizing that he could have reinstalled the old handle but he
never even thought about it. Not knowing anything about handles, I
saw only all the pieces and “assumed” it could not be put back
together again. (like Humpty Dumpty).It never even entered his mind
and he felt really bad about it. He came over in an hour and I now
have the OLD handle on but I can deadbolt it so I can have air
and still have protection. He also fixed the fan which was missing
two screws to keep it up. I have been protected, I know!

Can you spot all the synchronicities in this scenario? What is a
door? A portal. And the handle? A way to enter and depart.
Enter and Depart what? Other dimensions or realities as well
as the higher frequencies which lead to God and Guidance. Also
a door to my future where I am pushing and pulling( a no no) instead
of allowing. Getting upset and fearful instead of trust that all is
well no matter what you see happening. Not allowing peace to be in

Has this been happening to you but within another scenario and with
the same feelings? I will add another: SPIRIT LIBRARY. Here is a note
from them as they send out daily newsletters. Check out the questions
they are asking themselves. I believe it speaks to all of us and
with this note, know you are not alone.

Hi Everyone!

Wow! August arrives with a bang! …unfortunately leaving our
website completely down 🙁

We apologize for all the inconveniences this is causing but
main server blew up last night, quite out of the blue (blew?!).
Of course we do have a backup server but for some odd reason it
decided to blew up too… or to be more exact it’s about to! So we
are working against time at the moment to try to save all our data
before it waves goodbye.

As a result of all this the website has been down for more
than 12 hours now and it may take as much, if not longer, to bring
it back up and running. Again we apologize.

We are not sure what is going on, for a moment we blamed it
on Mercury Retrograde to soon realize that it was over. However,
from a brief chat with our lovely Sarah Varcas on Facebook, she
explained that from the 2nd to the 4th of August is going to be like
being under Mercury Retrograde again and that her own website had
been down too today. Many other people have share that their
technology is behaving weirdly in the last few days.

So what is going on?! Solar flares? Influx of energy?

Whatever it may be it feels like a wake up call for us. We have
grown, we have changed and what applied before doesn’t apply anymore
We need to rethink our ways… and this is true for our website and
ourselves. Maybe we have underestimated our growth? Maybe we should
have realized sooner that those old clothes weren’t fitting anymore
A mother knows these things really well. She knows when the clothes
and shoes for her fast growing baby do not fit anymore. It is evident
in front of her eyes, so she goes and buys new ones. What happens
it’s inner growth instead? What happens when we change inside but
we still try to fit into our old self every morning? Our bodies, our
faces, our lives still look the same at a first glance, yet things
are not the same at all.

Many questions have come up for us in these hours. Are we trying to
ignore our progress? Are we trying to remain small and dim when we
are a strong beacon of light? Are we still trying to fit tightly into
something risking to blow up? Are we still trying to hide ourselves?
Are we still trying to economize not trusting that life will support
us in our light-work? Are we still not going for what we really want
in our heart and making up excuses for it?

We know that there is something deeper here and soon as the
dust settles we are going to take our time to sit with these
questions. We can see how it’s been so tempting to blame it on
forces, especially the sun and it’s flares, but what if it’s truly
only reminding us to shine shamelessly and powerfully?


We know that every situation is a blessing in disguise…
but the disguise can be so convincing at times. so I did not readily
listen to the small little voice which was trying to save me a lot of

We’ll let you know when our beloved SL is live again. Crush and born,
say. In the meantime to connect with us please come to Facebook or
Twitter… or simply email us.

Thank you for your patience while we learn and grow.

Wishing you a good day…

Ben and Mariù
Spirit Library

I want to offer you a video that will bring awe and peace and the
blessings of water. This is so. Enjoy
Subject: Niagara Falls

A different way to view.

Just to let you know, I will be at a PSYCHIC & BEYOND EXPO
August Friday 9th 6:00-9:00pm
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11, 2013 11:00am-6:30pm

Baymont Inn and suites, 20 Taylor Street,
Manchester, CT 06042


It will be a lot of fun. If you go, be sure to stop at
my booth and say HI or even have a reading. Hope to see you there.

Love and Light
Mary Grace

PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA


I have not written about the lake much, I have been
so enjoying the warm water to bathe in. Usually I can
stay only 15 minutes before my body starts shivering
but the heat wave warmed up the water very well. A
month is usually all I get for staying in the water and
playing and last night the temperature went down to
50 degrees, which means the water will be cooler from
now on. It takes a long time to warm up but it cools
down much faster. I have even been “playing” with
various ear plugs so I can swim more vigorously.

The Canadian geese have not been as bad this
summer but they surprised me two days in a row
this past week. I looked out one morning and
there were 10 geese enjoying my grass for
breakfast. Of course, what goes in must come
out so they had made a mess of my lawn. Have
you ever tried to pick up geese poop off grass? Not
easy, I must say. I use a dustpan so I can press down
a wide path and then use a piece of wood to get it
into the dustpan.

I reacted like a wild woman. I ran out onto the deck
retrieving the white bucket I use to throw water at
them screaming all the while. You would think they
were humans I was talking to. ” Get out of here, who
do you think you are, you are not wanted, GO GO
GO (words I use when I chase them off the beach).

One goose went through the gate onto the beach but
the other nine headed up the driveway toward the road.
Suddenly my neighbor Bob across the street came out
to see the commotion. He asked what was wrong and
I said these geese were pooping all over my lawn.

Bob started to chase the geese from the street so they
turned and aimed for me. They started to fly but
still were aimed at me, I ducked and they went over
my head. They left a trail of goose poop all over the
driveway in their haste to retreat. What a mess.

After I calmed down, I started to laugh. Cartoons
are made of what just had occurred. Here was
this old woman in her housecoat with hair streaming
in the wind chasing and hollering at geese as they
tried to elude the flying white bucket with no water
that she was swinging at them. They thought a
crazy person was after them and they were right.
I was crazy with their audacity to come in my
yard when there was a fence to protect my lawn.

That laughter eased the laborious task of cleaning
my lawn so I would not inadvertently step in it as I
walked barefoot. It is something I so enjoy and there
also is only a short span of time to enjoy. It took three
separate times of walking methodically up and down
the lawn about 3 feet apart each time to finally get
it all cleared.

The next day they were back but had only begun to
come on my lawn so it was an easier time. I had been
hoping not to use the whirly wind things this year but
after two attempts, I did not wait for a third. I took
out the whirlys and placed the smaller ones under my
fence and three much larger ones in the gate opening
to come in so they would be deterred. I need to pick
them up so the lawn men can do their job and then
put them back in again. They also have a poor memory,
they did not remember the crazy old lady or perhaps,
like children, they were just hoping to get away with it.

The Orioles are gone but the Hummingbirds are still
here and gearing up for their long migration flight.
They are feeding well and dive bombing each other
to strengthen up their wings for the long flight. The
Golden Finch have had their young, they are the only
bird that feeds their babies seed so the niger seed does
not last long. There is a lot of activity around the feeders
and I so enjoy their songs. It is so light and heart lifting .

This weekend there is a great opportunity not too far
from you. It is called the Psychic and Beyond Expo
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Expo & Gallery Events held at Baymont Inn and Suites, 20 Taylor Street Manchester, CT 06042 Consider booking a room and visit the Expo all Both Days
Love and Light

Mary Grace

PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA