Beloved, I went to see John of God, the healer from Brazil. I had two Spiritual interventions as well as many healings. The protocol is”Absolutely NO heavy `lifting, exercise, etc. and No writing, reading, watching television and computer use for 8 days. I am cheating a little by sending you this note but I do not want you to be concerned. Next Friday, I will tell you all about my experience. Many blessings until then.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Wow, Wow, Wow! How are you doing? Have you survived
the roller coaster? These last two weeks have been so
powerful with the feelings and emotions running the gamut
from being peaceful, ecstatic, concerned, worried, etc. and
that is putting it mildly as each of you reacted in a different way
depending on where you were on releasing the old in order to
let in the new. Some have been violently ill with ALL the
flu symptoms and some have been challenged with all the
things they worry about actually becoming manifested.

This is such an exciting time to be alive, you really feel alive
don’t you? Regardless of what you are experiencing, there
is nothing dull or boring about it. It is being said that June
is the most powerful month of this whole year which is
so astonishing in itself. This will continue until the solstice
on June 21 and then probably until the end of the month.

Use this time wisely and be aware of what you are thinking,
feeling or experiencing. We are between letting go of the past
and reaching for the new future. It’s called NOW which is the
only place where you can actually Be. That is why it is no longer
happening where you have a down day or a good day. It
is happening in hours or minutes at a time where we go
up and down like a roller coaster.

Remember to feel the emotion you are remembering in
the moment, acknowledge it and allow it to leave . That
particular memory has come up just to be seen and when
you look at it and then let it go, it won’t come back. We
have a lot of these old memories that “pop” up in our minds
which are giving us a chance to be aware, look at it,and then
wipe the slate clean. You can imagine writing this judgment,
jealousy, criticism, anger, feeling not worthy, etc. on a
blackboard and then simply erasing them . It is that simple.

The moments of bliss, happiness, contentment and peace are
also there for you to feel. In those moments we feel like: “OK,
I have conquered that flaw”, only to have it show its face in
another moment. Enjoy the ride, be compassionate to yourself
and others knowing that we are all in the same boat. The waves
are hitting us all so just smile, wait a minute and the waters will
become calm again.

Remember, this has never , ever occurred before on Planet
Earth so we are in a very special time frame that we have
created so we could bring Peace to Earth. It starts with you. and
your own world which you created. If your world is not to your
liking, you have the capability to change it and thus it will change
the planet. Let us spread this Love for ourselves and others
around the world. That Love is there for you to see and feel.
Let’s make it go viral.

Just notice and become aware.

Here is a fun way to describe what your heart can engage
in during this time to enhance whatever it is you want to
bring the passion of creation to: v=AMOMgQCRAqM

A dear friend of mine, Cathy Olsen, wrote this
piece which speaks of the time we are in right now.

There are layers of existence offering us
doorways to ever evolving aspects of self

We have choice in whether we open such
doorways or merely touch the handle and
retreat back into familiarity.

Might we risk the vulnerability
or perceived pain? Perhaps.

Might we also run the risk of becoming
known to ourselves, expanding our hearts
through experience and allowing joy to be
our constant companion? Hm

I will lead the way. The door is open behind me.

If you choose to follow, know that you stand
not alone but as a fellow journeyer on the path
that leads home.

I bid you enjoy this journey as it comes only once.
Just as you can only be pregnant once for each
child, you can only be on this path once before
you birth the new YOU!

If you want more info go to: galacticfreepress/content/ dana-mrkich-monthly-visions- june-2012-alignments-and- eclipses-and-transits-oh-my-4- june-2012

PS. The Baltimore Oriole’s eggs have hatched and
the parents are quite busy coming to the grape
jelly to gather it in their beaks and then quickly
fly to the babies. They are here for only three
months, just to mate, have their babies
and then they fly south again. I so enjoy them
even though they frighten the hummingbirds
because of their size. I am playing with moving
feeders so that all can feel safe.

Love and Light

Mary Grace


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How has all this energy been treating you? Yesterday was
the full moon and we have had quite a few sun flares and one
gigantic one which affects the magnetic field of Earth and of
humans also. Even the planes are not allowed to fly as high
as normal because of the radiation from all of the flares. If
you are interested in finding out more about the flares and
the effects go to:   You can sign
up for their newsletters which alerts you when there has
been a big flare and it is also a warning system because the
earth does not show the effects for 48-72 hours. The
effects let us know that the weather will be affected soon.

It is amazing to me just how much we humans are affected
by so many things around us, seen and unseen. Staying right
in this moment seems to be the best method of being at peace.
I thought last week was confusing but this week was really
wild and I attribute that to the full moon on top of all the
other energies.

I have dentures and I was planning on getting new ones so
last week I went for a “fitting”. I was told that the ones I had
were is good shape and all they needed was a relining which
was half the price. When you get new ones, you go for the
impressions and then when they are done you go pick them up.
When they are relined, then you need to leave them with the
dentist which means you are without teeth until they are

I was only 20 years when I was having so many cavities. We
were poor and I could not afford to get them filled to keep
them so I went to the dentist, had all my teeth pulled out in the office
and then came home. We did not even have insurance that would
cover going to the hospital or even the doctor. (Come to think of
it, there is no insurance today that would pay so that hasn’t
changed). I am horrified now at what I did but it was the only
solution I could come up with at the time. I had two
small kids and we were living in the “barracks”, a project is
what they were called back then. That was housing made
from military barracks that was only $27 a month rent and
that was 55 years ago. Does that price sound impossible?
Our paychecks were so low that the rent reflected a
substantial percentage of our pay.

Anyway, what I am getting to is that I am so “ashamed” to be
seen without my teeth. I felt old at 20 without my teeth and I
feel even older now without them. So I waited a week and this
week I surrendered my teeth hoping and planning not to see
anyone until I had my teeth. Ego? Pride? I am not sure.
I even went to vote before I dropped them off so at least
I could vote and no one would see my “shame”.

Wouldn’t you know? My 13 year old neighbor, Nathan,
stopped to thank me for bringing back a small gift from
my cruise as he had fed my outdoor birds while I was gone.
He stayed to chat for an hour, I don’t believe it bothered him
but I had my hand in front of my mouth the whole town, in fact,
my hand went to sleep from being elevated so long. THEN…
an emergency occurred which caused me to go the doctors
about 2 hours before I could pick up my teeth. It never fails
does it? Another opportunity to transform.

Well, I warned them that I was not carrying a disease but I
would be wearing a mask to cover up the fact that I had no teeth.
What lengths we go to so we can hide something about us
we don’t want others to see? It did not seem to bother anyone
that I was wearing a mask, even the nurses did not comment.
I am not proud of the fact that I have that fear, ego, shame or
pride. But….I just could not let go of that feeling that everyone
would be staring at me and that I would look older than I
actually was. Maybe someday I can overcome that one
but it could not be this week.

I joined Ann Taylor in her 21 days of prayer. She is an
incredible prayer warrior who accesses God and the
Divine and her prayers are always answered for our
highest good. This also included healing my family and
at least 7 generations that went before me, thus healing
many emotions and frailties that have been passed down.
I just had the feeling that I could help me and my kids in this way.

It is important to pay attention to your intuition, it is the Divine
guiding you. I had one prayer answered in a way that I never
would have guessed. My 21 year old grandson has found
himself lost in the adult world. Do you remember the first
time you were on your own and had the freedom you always
dreamed of? Eventually, you realize that living at home was not
as bad as you thought as you made some decisions that do not
turn out like you hoped they would. His world crashed around
him as he found himself homeless, staying with friends but
bouncing around from place to place. He finally decided
that he did not want to live this way and he felt like this world
was not where he wanted to stay any longer.

For two days and nights, my son, his father was by his bedside
as he kept having hallucinations and was literally “out of his head”.
My son stayed and had to restrain his own son as he fought the
demons that were in his mind. Eventually he did not need to be
restrained but it took several more days for him to come back to
reality and be more himself. My grandson had not been returning
my sons phone calls to him so the relationship was quite strained
as my son did not know where his son was. I am so grateful that
my grandson’s friend called my son to inform him of what had

Prayers are answered in mysterious ways and I know in my
heart that God intervened in this manner for the greatest good
of my son and grandson. While I was on the call with Ann
Taylor and the hundreds of people, I thanked Ann for her
intervention and there was a huge outpouring of energy, love
and prayers for my grandson. At least they are in communication
now and there is hope again. I do not see this as a tragedy,
I see it a gift of opportunity for healing and awakening.

My grandson came home this week, the same day that his father
was taking me to have surgery on my eyebrows which was needed
to give me a wider view and better vision.A scheduling error and an
emergency necessitated a two hour delay in me being operated on.
I could not find my glasses that I knew I had put in my bag as since
my cataract surgery, I need them for clarity in reading. My son
found them in the car where they had fallen enroute to surgery.
What a day not to have my glasses but I was comforted by my
prayers and my knowing that ALL IS WELL regardless of the

I have been so apprehensive about this event, not for the surgery but
for the fact that I needed to have anesthesia. My body does not do well
with all the chemicals and only one of the last three surgeries I have had,
did I have a positive reaction to the anesthesia. Again my prayers were
answered, as I came out of the anesthesia wide awake, not dizzy, not
nauseous and no after effect like depression. All in all, it was a good day
and a good week. There were many opportunities to be aware of what
the world was showing me and see another aspect of the event,
regardless of what was happening.

I want to share a video with you that is so joyful and thankful
for the human race. Remember there are many people who
will help even if they are not asked. But…asking is the best
way for people to become aware that you need help.


Just a Reminder: if you have not signed up for Jennifer McLean’s
Healing with the Masters, it begins Tuesday the 13th.
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Love and Light

Mary Grace
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