I went to heaven this morning but I did not die.  Lake George was so beautiful and still that the reflections of the trees, houses and even the white fluffy clouds gave such a feeling of deja vue.  It is your vision that needs to be altered slightly to take in the majestic view that is mirrored in that still lake.  I could not help it, I went kayaking this morning as this kind of still weather is unusual especially when I do have the opportunity to use it.  It was like this yesterday but I had things to do that I could not postpone so it was a double treat for me that it offered itself this morning. Have you ever kayaked in the trees?  Is this what a bird feels like as it goes in and out of the trees? When I was out of range of being in the trees I would look and there was a white cloud that I could put myself in.  I was 2/3 around the lake when a gentle breeze came up and cooled me off.  Of course, the perfect reflections were gone with the wind and the movement of the water. It was like heaven as I played tag with the reflections. After I got out and put the kayak away, I looked back and the perfect reflections were back on the perfectly still water.  I do hope others get the chance to use this perfect day to go into an altered state where we can question which reflection is the real one. These are what we remember in the winter and look forward to in the spring.

This is what I looked like after my fabulous treat this morning. You cannot help but smile when someone else smiles even if it a turtle.  Isn’t it a surprise when creation hands us the same animal but with a twist.

Christine Day and her September Pleiadian newscast.  It has a lot to offer. There is a ray of hope in all the doom and gloom forecasts.

I bet you can’t sit still or keep from clapping along with the most gracious offering to a youngster. Imagine a theme song being created just for you from your idol. I love the way these older people like Dave Grohl and youngsters can relate and share what is tradition and what is newly born.

I miss people’s smiles, don’t you?  Imagine a place where the flowers were created just so you can smile to your heart’s content, two million of them.   You do not have to hide behind a mask and the smile is releasing a hormone to your brain to awaken your whole being.  This was created just for you.Have you ever wondered why some negative things happen to good people?  Patricia Diane Cota Robles explains just why so many upsets are being presented to people who seem to have led such examples of doing everything right? Food for thought?

Love and Light

Mary Grace