I am sitting here giggling and chuckling. I did not watch the Super Bowl as I never watch sports. Sooo, this morning on Good News Network, there was an email with 13 of the Best Super Bowl Ads. The title was: In case you missed them.  I decided to check them out as I had never even heard of them let alone watched them. I have to admit that some of them were stupid, but so stupid they made me laugh. I am still smiling as I think of some of them.  Sooo, in case you missed them, I am passing them along to you. Smile with me.

What a way to start Friday morning, there is more to smile at then it being the last day of the work week. Check out what our youngsters are all about.  This will also make you smile.

You share so much on the computer that your eyes really get a workout without much time to rest.  In case, you want to know how to help your eyes continue to serve you, take a gander at these easy tips.

There have been so many hullabaloos about the virus from China, I wish to share some good news so you don’t get too panicked about it.  I am sympathetic to all who are suffering and I wish to give hope to those who are responding with fear. Check this out.

I have never heard the word palindrome before, have you? It means the numbers are the same going forward or backward.  It happens once every century.  February’s theme is RENEWAL.  Let’s keep this theme in mind all month long as you renew yourself in all areas of your life. February has a few special gifts, one being the paindrone date on 02-02-2020, which hasn’t happened in 909 years and the next one is going to be 12-12-2121.

Love and Light

Mary Grace