What question is the most profound for you? I was surprised
when I received this email message. I am supplying the link
to you so you can determine for yourself if this is the
most profound question you can ask yourself.

I would love to receive any comments you might have on
your response to this video.

This Sunday is a very PROFOUND day, I like this word. I
don’t think I have ever used it before but is so resonates
with the energy that is on Mother Earth lately. The summer
solstice is Sunday and I am receiving from many sources, the
information that it is a most powerful day.

The Energies of the Universe are joining forces with our energies
to give us a much needed boost to our next rung on the ladder
of dimensions. There are humans on every rung so as each rung
gets a boost, a space opens up for the humans below to jump up
a notch. This processes all the way up and down this ladder
which gives us an opportunity to climb out of the reality we are in.

If we change our perspective, we will change our present moment.
Appearances are not as they are PERCEIVED! We can change them
just as easily as changing our mind.

That is what the Summer Solstice is offering to us. An opportunity
to change our minds about where we are in this present moment.
Know that you are just where you are meant to be for now so
just change your perspective and let go of the resistance you are


We all need the reminder of the caterpillar who crawls on the lower
rung and its”struggle” to break out so it can fly anywhere it chooses.
Remembering the strength and perseverance of this tiny insect to
change it’s being and also its perspective from a ground view
to an aerial view of the earth, will help you connect
with the Energies of the Summer Solstice thereby giving you the
peace and energy to be free to climb the ladder of dimensions
while still here on the physical Earth.

Dimensions are only levels of realities. What is your reality may
not be your neighbor’s but you both still exist as humans on this
beloved Mother Earth.

Happy Solstice!

Love and Light,

Mary Grace

3 Brows Beach Dr
PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA