This is my favorite time of the year and especially so with the Coronavirus giving us many opportunities to be thankful. The water in the lake is warmer than usual.  In fact, I went swimming at the end of June when I usually can’t get in the water until August as the water is so cold. I looked in the mirror the other day and realized that I had a tan.  I thought and thought about where I could possibly have gotten a tan UNTIL I realized that I was out in the lake swimming in June.  When I kayak, I always cover up to avoid the sun but enjoy its benefits.

Last night we had a sunset on both sides of my home.  On one side, the side of the lake, the sun had set but the red hues were playing with the darker clouds, it was absolutely beautiful.  I even went out onto the lawn as the sun sets further to the left as the sun moves back behind the trees so I can’t see the complete sunset anymore. Then I realized that an unusual light was coming in my kitchen window on the other side of my home.  I went to the window and there was another beautiful sight with the ¾ moon being shined upon by the red of the sunset and the clouds which were lighter were also imbued with the red rays.  It was so gorgeous that I went out to the street to get the full spectrum of what I was seeing.  I have never seen that before even if all sunsets are different from each other. Oh, how I wish these artistic displays from Mother Nature would last longer but they are always changing so you have to be in EACH moment to enjoy what is in front of you. What a way to practice being in the moment.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin explains what is happening to us and to Earth and the feelings that are arising but also the blessings we are receiving now and in the future.

If you are struggling with your mind to make sense of all of this, join in this song.

This you have to see!  When will humanity cease to surprise us or should I say: what will ingenuity and commercialism come up with next.

We need to use this idea to empty our prisons and create a better humanity.

This is Kryon on 1-1-2019.  See what you think about what he says.  He is forecasting 2019-001 and as you look back, see if what he says is correct.  I think he makes more sense to me now than on 1-1-19

Love and Light

Mary Grace