We in the Northeast have a saying: ”If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change”.  Of course, that means that the weather is unpredictable which a lot of humans do not like.  But….this gives us Northeasterners many opportunities to be flexible and also change things around quickly.  We also have clothing that adapts to every weather change.

I was sitting watching my lake this morning and I marveled that it felt like October.  We had bitterly cold weather in November, in fact, the lake froze over and one morning I got up to a couple of ice fishermen out on the lake.  My heart leapt as it was way too soon for it to be safe but the ice fishermen cut through the ice to create a hole to fish through and they said it was 3 inches thick so it was safe. I breathed a sigh of relief and they returned on the ice the next day also.  The ice fishermen are a good example of New Englanders because they need to be ready when the opportunity presents itself.  The lake has since thawed and there has been no ice since then for them to use.

Here it is two months later and the lake is still all thawed and behaving as if it was April or May.   As I was sitting I noticed Oscar, the seagull hanging around and so I knew that the transient ducks were around also.  Oscar loves to hang around them because he is bigger than them and he sometimes succeeds in getting the fish they have in their bill from diving down to get them. All transient ducks dive for their food even if they are a different breed of transients.  I usually see them in only in November as they stop for a rest on their way south.  Here it is January and I am seeing more and more of them, I call them my dobblers.

Yesterday, I laughed as I saw Oscar trying to get some food from the dobblers and then another breed of dobblers showed up and they became one group.  I guess Oscar knew he was outnumbered because he disappeared for a while. He is a good indicator where the dobblers are because he is mostly white and much bigger so he is much easier to spot on the lake.

Before we get to the year 2019, let us see and be cheerful in what humanity has succeeded to do environmentally for Mother Earth in 2018.  It seems that we are not doing much, but we forget so quickly.  This is an eye-opener of what was accomplished and how we are spurred on to be better at saving the only home we have, the Earth.

Mother Nature has some opportunities for us humans. Here is a short explanation of what she has in store for us.

Here is another window to see what 2019 offers you.

A lighthearted way to deal with a difficult subject when you feel like a failure. Who would guess that food would be such a good tool? A good example to all who feel they have not lived up to their expectations or others. Smile at their  ingenuity  and at the final outcome.

Lee Harris has given us a lot of info about 2019: The Year of Beginnings