Earth Day Revisited

I was so engaged in Earth Day activities that time just
got away from me and the full schedule weekend was
upon me.I apologize for the delay of my weekly
newsletter but I still wanted to share the excitement
and appreciation for all of us here on Mother Earth
and all She does for us.

I received some beautiful emails emphasizing
the beauty of our Earthly Mother. I wish to
share them with you.

A message from Mother Earth herself
through her willing emissary, Pepper Lewis.

The Peaceful Planet > Gaia Special Earth Day Message

and video:

Pepper Lewis/Gaia Earth Day 2009 Message

Beautiful pictures:

On another note, I had my stitches removed this week,
and only strips of tape put back on which will fall
off automatically when they are ready. It is such a
pleasure to see my nose again and also to have my
glasses sit the way they were designed to.

We, in the Northeast, are experiencing such
marvelous weather. It has hit the 90 degree mark
and it is only April. It is just a taste of summer and
quite a tease but I will accept it as it is fantastic
to take the coat off and put on shorts.

I hope this note finds you in good spirits and I will
be prompt with this week’s newsletter.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

3 Brows Beach Dr
PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA