Today is a rainy day and it feels appropriate for Good Friday, a lot of tears flowed that day so long ago. I am connecting to all across the globe who are in tears for their loved ones, whether because they are worried about them or because they were a victim of terrorism of some kind. Will you take a breath with me for these fellow brothers and sisters? Let’s send them love to ease some of their burdens.

I have been home a week and a half after being away for two and a half months. I was not aware that I actually had been hypnotized by all the changes I was forced to make until I came back home and could not remember how to work the remote for the TV or even how to record a show I would like to watch later. I put things away at the beginning as I tried to remember where I usually put them and a few days later I would find things in a place that I realized I did not usually put those items. It was amazing to me how much my brain or should I say habits had changed. We humans do things so automatically in our everyday life that we are not really aware or conscious of. I felt so out of it and I had not been taking any alcohol but that is what it felt like.

I was quite concerned about the birds I feed every day even though I was assured by the bird store personnel that they would be fine, they would find food elsewhere and would come back when I returned. It has taken a week and a half and the golden finches ARE returning. The males are starting to get their golden color back from their winter drab color. My great blue heron greeted me this morning also. Of course, the geese have been here right along as the winter was so mild that the ice fisherman had only a week and a half to fish according to my neighbor.

It was strange as I saw three small ducks with the 12 geese and for a long moment, I wondered if they had had babies. I was so disoriented from not going through the winter that I was confused and bounced back and forth between saying it is too soon and saying maybe I actually missed the timing of their nesting. I finally got my binoculars and to my delight, saw that the three smaller ducks were actually migrant ducks who come to my lake to eat and rest on their way home. I do not know if I missed my favorite mergansers that always stop in the spring and in the fall. We are creatures of habit after all. I took so much for granted and I am now seeing it all with new eyes.

I also lost my title of: First boat on the Lake in the Spring”. I came home at 7pm so I did not notice much. The next morning I got up and opened my blinds to see a boat on the lake with two fishermen in it. They seemed to be enjoying it. It was 60 degrees that day and I really wanted to break in my kayak for the year but it was still next to the garage where it was put for storage. I was way too busy unpacking to dwell on it but since that was the last warm and perfect day to kayak (no wind), I wish I had lived in that moment and did what my heart called me to do.

One thing I learned on my hiatus was to live more in the moment. I did not even have to look at my calendar the whole time I was there; there was no place to go at any certain time. I did not know anyone so no plans had been made and I was free to do whatever called to me. It was so cold there because El Nino gave you the weather from the south and us the weather from the north. It was not conducive to going out on the ocean to hunt for dolphins and I did not even kayak as I had planned to do, it was too cold for me. I felt like I was on retreat from the world I knew, even the problems with the TV and the phone increased that feeling. I am never bored at home but I was getting the opportunity to feel bored. It was a new feeling for me and I was not quite sure what to do about it. I was in a one bedroom so there was less floor space and nothing I could do since I was renting so I rested a lot and delved into myself more. Many feelings came up that I had buried and I certainly had the time to get retrospect and release a lot of emotion that I did not know was there. I learned a lot about myself and learned a lot when I came home to what I had previously known. I am almost resettled into my old routine but I am hoping to keep the new awareness that my hiatus gave me.

Eckhart Tolle has a clip that reminds us of a way to stay in the moment.

Many people are saying to live in the moment and this is a great message from Archangel Gabriel and his messenger Shanta Gabriel.

We have just gone through a massive shift of energy that was preempted by the moon and the heavens. Would you like to know a little more about what just happened?

Happy Easter!

Have you heard of Abraham and Esther Hicks? I listened to a link I was sent and it was such that I listened 3 or 4 more times so I could mentally understand what she was saying. I know my faith is of the heart but my mind wanted to understand it also. When someone speaks, you take the verbal and also the feeling associated with it to come to a conclusion. Since I am familiar with Abraham I understood what was said but I was not sure you would so I found a few other short talks by her that help bring more clarity of where she was coming from. I know she reveres Jesus as the Master and I do also. We all are children of God so I know he was Spirit and Human at the same time. He has accomplished what I am hoping to do in this lifetime: ascend or resurrect which Easter celebrates as truth. My car has a front license plate that says: “JESUS IS MY GUY”.

Love and Light

Mary Grace