12-12 rolled around and I can’t say I felt anything special. The day was OK and the energy was no different than normal. On 12-14, two days later, it was a different story. When I opened my blinds to the lake and beach, I noticed the orange safety cones that were on the raft had been thrown onto the thin ice that now covered the lake. I shifted my gaze to where the raft was supposed to be but only a green square appeared to me. The raft has been pushed or dragged or??? onto that thin ice and was sitting on it. I knew that if it did not get moved back onto the grass (the beach is 2/3 sand and 1/3 grass) that the ice would melt from the sun that day and then refreeze making it impossible to get it back to safety.

So I called Janelle, the President of the Lake Land Beach club and explained what I was seeing so she could get some male help to get the raft back up where it belongs. Since the beach is right in front of me, I can see things others cannot so I keep an eye on it. She said: “Mary, don’t you know what happened down there on the beach last night?” “No”, I said, “what happened?”
I sat stunned while she told me that there had been black helicopters with no lights, police in gear with flashlights and also police dogs combing the beach, my yard and the surrounding neighborhood. I had heard nothing and with my blinds down, I had seen nothing. It seems there had been a home invasion a couple of streets away and the police were searching for the armed masked men. Now I was feeling vulnerable especially since I had been ignorant of the entire goings on. Since this was the beginning of my day, I had not done my meditations or prayers before breakfast so I went to my meditation chair and altar to do this. As I was in meditation, I suddenly began to laugh out loud. It was the sudden realization that I had been safe and sound in my home while my neighbors were going through a lot of trauma. We are told over and over again that we are protected but do we really believe that? I guess I had not totally trusted that truth but I could deny it no longer. I had been and am in my own little world, safe and protected no matter what happens around me. Wow, is that a heart and eye opener or what.

I then went to the Post Office to find out what they knew and then proceeded to the Town Hall to get what I hoped was the truth of what had happened. You know how a story gets entangled when it is spread from one person to the other. The Police Chief is supposed to call me but he hasn’t yet. What I have been told is that it was a home invasion by masked men with guns. It appears that it was a house that had a reputation for dealing drugs and that is what they were looking for. The police finally had caught one of them in a neighboring town. There is no news on TV or even in the papers so what really happened, no one knows.

My neighbors had all different experiences. Janelle had opened her door to ask police what was going on and was sternly told to go back inside and lock her door. Her two little girls were frightened so she did her best to calm them but they had just learned a lesson in fear. The closer neighbors were even more traumatized since it was so close to their home and they will experience fear for a much longer time. A friend halfway across town received a call from another friend to lock all her doors and stay inside. Fear really explodes and shoots its energy far and wide.

All these things happening right around me and I was at peace in my home and slept peacefully through the night. I was protected and so are you. My home is a safe haven for me and that was reflected back to me by this episode. If your home is filled with fear whether it is fear from neighbors, family or even subscribed to by watching TV, it shows up until you find peace inside of you and spread that instead of fear. I implore you to make your home, your surroundings and most of all yourself free of fear.

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I have been talking a lot about 12-12, how about we transpose the numbers a bit and talk about 12-21, the solstice since it will happen before we next get together.

Love and Light

Mary Grace