Have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday.  It is amazing to me how the weather affects our sense of holidays.  It feels to me like it is too soon to have this Holiday, like it is coming too soon.  I am not complaining as so many of my brothers and sisters are experiencing tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. Perhaps it is my age as I have many years of Memorial Days to remember and the seasons are not so black and white like they were when I was a kid. Looking back as an adult now, was it always as I expected or was I too young to notice?

I followed a young boy on his bicycle this morning and another car was coming the opposite way.  We both stopped to let the boy go by without any injury and I contemplated on how care free life was when I was his age.  Perhaps I was carefree until I aged enough to let life catch up with me with all of its “accidents” or “unexpected happenings”.  I want that feeling back, that feeling of not knowing what would happen OR what could happen, just trusting that I would be fine and enjoying the moment as only a child can.  As a child, we trust life as we have no other conception of what could be. Why can we not feel that way again?

I am going to make a conscious decision to focus on feeling free and knowing that I am at least content with the knowledge that I am safe with my Higher Self looking out for me.  I did have a day last week that I became aware that three car accidents with me involved had just been averted. I AM looked after and protected just as that young child on a bike was. And….I will not wait to feel that secure again, I will consciously choose to feel safe.

Speaking of looking back, I became aware of two new creations that are in the pipe line and will perhaps manifest in a few years.  I never ever thought anything like this was possible.  I am grateful that I have lived long enough to be able to know the vast differences that have occurred between my birth and now.Check these out and see which one or two will blow your mind and memory.

Imagine no more wars over fossil fuel, who would have thought?

Before cell phones, would this have even been considered?  Talk about trust.

This article joins faith and trust with modern remedies. It feels like a good ending to what began with my car run to the Post Office to pick up my mail (I live on a private street so mail cannot be delivered without a physical address so I have a PO Box)

Love and Light

Mary Grace