This has been a time of reflection, a time of going inward.
To where?, I do not know. One or two naps a day for
someone who never took naps? I do not want to place
blame or responsibility on anything or anyone. I am
learning to enjoy this respite.

The weather has been quite grey, not raining much but
a lot of clouds. Another grandchild’s graduation from
high school and he is already set to go to a local
community college with computers as his major.

In my heart and soul, I believe this is a time that has
been given me to rest and recoup and listen inwardly
to what will be my next step. It feels “funny” as I have
always been a Do-er and needed to be busy most of the
time. Now I am practicing being a Be-er as it seems I
have no choice. My body will simply not respond and
perhaps it is because my mind is not willing to push

I am reading when Everything Changes, Change Everything
by Neale Donald Walsch. Many AHA moments are
occurring and I am so grateful for this teaching. I
highly recommend this book.

I received an inner message: “Appearances are not as
they are Perceived.” Your perception colors all that you
see in the rainbow of life. One person perceives in
one way, another in a different way and another in a
way entirely different than the first two.

None are wrong and none are right, the perceptions just are.
I am known as the purple lady and the color purple in all of its
variations just seem to jump out at me. It is the color that I see
first no matter what I am looking at. Yet the other colors add
to my love of purple as they compliment it in their differences.

Rainbows are beautiful because it incorporates all the colors.
This unity brings out the best in all of the colors (perceptions)
At the same time, it is ONE rainbow with the variety of ALL.

This is a link that explains a lot of what I am feeling. This
incorporates many from different cultures and backgrounds
but they are all singing the same song. Enjoy.


Love and Light,

Mary Grace

3 Brows Beach Dr
PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA