New inventions are a lot of work.  Our scientists work day after day to conquer our problems with such devotion and they do come up with things that sound impossible.  In fact, you have worked hard at some problem only to come up with a solution that you never expected and it came when you were not actively working at it. I love when that happens.  Not only because it is such a grand solution but because it also reminds me that humans are not infallible and there is a grander energy working “through” us.  Doesn’t it restore your  faith  just a little?

When you are in your youth, faith seems to be so much easier.  Yet, it does take the human touch to create the “miracle”.

I wonder what I would have heard if I had been there.  Yesterday I went for a hearing aid appointment and I have to say, I was in awe the whole two hours.  The last time I checked into hearing aids was 55 years ago and I jumped when Beltone tested my supposedly “deaf” ear.  I had not ever heard a sound in that ear so it completely surprised.  After 5 years, no hearing aid could help me anymore so I have been deaf in that ear for 50 years.  Now my other ear needs some help but things have changed so much.  They are so much smaller even if they are over the ear and no more hard plastic ear mold, it is just a wire with a small bulb at the end so I was not even aware that it was in there.  I was told to go shopping for a half hour and then come back.  When they first started the hearing aid, all I could hear was like waves of winds and my voice sounded tinny.  It was disconcerting but I held on.  I went to the bathroom and was so surprised to experience sound when I moved my clothes.  I did not know that there was sound when you dressed or undressed????

I ran into a woman who I worked with 17 years ago so we had a chat and at the end I did not even realize that my tinny voice sounded normal and the wind sound was gone. Costco had to order my hearing aid so I had to give this one back to them.  My mouth dropped open when the sounds went totally flat.  It was like when you take cotton out of your ears or when your ear suddenly pops after being blocked and you can hear again but even more drastic than that.  I guess I did not know what I was missing until I had something to compare it to.  When reading this article, I wondered what I would have  heard  if I had been wearing the hearing aid and was there when the alarm went off.

Do you believe in miracles?  I tell you that you are one.


Would you like to read about another miracle?  Things are happening so fast in the world today but I still keep getting surprised at what is showing up. Keep your hopes up because you world is changing and for the better.

Love and Light

Mary Grace