Suzanne Bell quote : Life isn’t waiting for the storm to pass….
It’s Learning to dance in the rain…..

My storm has passed for now, has yours? I have had
enough of the sadness and challenges, it is time to look
for and at the good news that is on this planet.

Focus on news that is uplifting by going to

They offer a FREE newsletter and also
a reasonably priced membership for even
more good news. Their motto is

This week’s newsletter offer two that especially
caught my eye…. Mum Shares Multi-Million Lotto
Win with Ethiopian Orphans and Dying Bulldog
Saves Owner from Fire.

There are other stories that might connect with your
interests. Check it out and I guarantee your stress
level and shoulders will come down.

I watch the news so I can send loving energy to
whatever is happening, locally and globally. Yet,
sometimes, I need a reminder to increase my energy
so that I have more to share with the world.

I know this weekend is not the legal Memorial Day
Holiday but traditionally it would be Sunday if we had
a Monday afterwards.

I wish to honor all those who gave their physical
and spiritual essence to protect and save me from harm.
Many families are not together for this holiday because they
are serving us Americans and their country.

I am proud to be an American and I honor the rest of humanity
around the world who have come to our assistance at some time
and whom we have assisted at some time.

Wake up Planet Earth citizens. We are a family
with diverse cultures and beliefs but we are ONE
SPECIES who have been given the privilege to
live on this beloved planet.

As we all live on ONE PLANET, what affects ONE affects ALL.
Let us use this time to spread LOVE of ONE ANOTHER.

Love and Light,

Mary Grace