Synchronicity is always such a surprise to me.  Not that it happens but in the manner that it does occur.  Look for these star sightings that lift you up out of the darkness that you don’t know you are in. It’s only when a light appears that you realize just how dark it really was before.

 One of my Selectmen had given me instructions to write a letter of our senior complaints, get the signatures of those who agreed and show up at the selectmen’s meeting. The Council on Aging was furious and attacked me verbally at the meeting.  At the end of the two and half hour meeting, the selectman apologized to me and said he was the one responsible and to go easy on me. By then, most people had gone and were not even watching the televised part of it. 

 I bought the DVD of the Selectmen’s meeting and brought it with me in case the Council on Aging had not seen the truth it on TV or heard it from someone else.  I and another senior appeared at the Council of Aging meeting with the intent to ease part of the tension and show that we had not knowingly gone above their heads with our complaints. I had double checked that it was actually an “open” meeting.  Before the meeting was ever called to order, we were loudly told to leave the Senior Center; that this was a private meeting and we were not allowed. I called the Town Hall and was assured that it was indeed an “open” meeting and that we were illegally thrown out.

 Then I was told by someone who is experienced with the town politics that when you are denied access to an “open” meeting, the next step is to write to the Attorney General.  Wow, just how has this all ballooned?  I feel like I am in National Politics as our small town is reflecting the mood of the nation. Some of the people want me to write to the Attorney General but I am not sure of what I will do.  Part of me knows: “Evil thrives when good people do nothing”, yet I also know that this is all growing exponentially and my heart cries for peace. I finally came to the conclusion that I was not going to be enveloped in this negativity any longer and I woke up the next morning with peace that I have not felt in over a month since this all began. Some people may go forward with this complaint and I am not sure what my role will be but hopefully I will be a peace maker.

 I love synchronicity and isn’t it amazing that this story about ANTScame into my awareness after I made my decision.

 Archangel Uriel brings us a message that will seemingly contradict what Light workers are here on Earth for.  It will give you a lot of food for thought but listen to your heart and see how it resonates with this message.

 Archangel Gabriel is offering you his hand of Light in his message. A  Beautiful Prayer or meditation if also offered.  The Angels of Light appear to be gathering to reach you. Is this your time to allow the Light to shine on you?

 We are such fortunate humans to have the dogs as our guides and protectors. Do you think the animal kingdom may be our angels in disguise?

 Another Angel? Check this story out. 

Love and Light

Mary Grace