Beloved, I missed sending you my newsletter on Friday. I spent my Friday at my therapists center, Healing Hands, doing my Mystic Reading with Reiki sessions that I told you about last week. I tried to compose my newsletter on Thursday but unexpected events occurred and then on Saturday, my granddaughter was having her dance recital which I would not miss for the world. I apologize for being late but know that you were
remembered in my heart just as I pray for you every morning when I do my morning ritual.

This is a powerful weekend and I wanted you to take advantage of all the extra energy coming your way. Friday was Super Summer Solstice and named because it carries the energy of releasing your contracts with ease. We all made contracts with people, animals, events and even Mother Earth before we were born. Some or maybe all may be ready to part ways with you. Friends, lovers, husbands, wives, family all are under the umbrella of contract. Just as you make contracts with Cable companies and phone companies, etc. and you break them when you switch to another, so you have made other personal contracts that would last as long as both of you needed and then you would part ways and go on to a new adventure you had already chosen. If any of your contracts feel like it is time to part, let them go with love and ease. You planned all this before you even came to Earth as you knew what you wanted to experience and many other souls agreed to help you experience just what you wanted. Be peaceful and content as ALL is in DIVINE ORDER. Did you not make these decisions when you were in Spirit and thus as your wisest?

Today is the Super Full Moon which is carrying the energy of Creation. Absorb and use this energy to create anew what you have always wanted. Imagine a world that holds the energy of all these new ideas and creations! Boy, what a world that will be and it is just waiting for you.

I received this email from a beloved that I haven’t heard from in two years. She is an angel as you will see when you look at her picture and then when you hear her voice, you will know that it carries a melodic tune that will just increase the love in your heart. She had included attachments that I feel in my heart would make your heart sing and you already know I do not know how to send these attachments so I am including part of her email in my newsletter so you don’t miss the chance to either see or read what she
is offering.

The drawing of the Light Bearer that she drew two years ago is labeled Light Bearer of the Golden Ones. She told me I am a Light Bearer and as one of my beloveds and readers, I KNOW that you are a Light Bearer also or you would not still be reading what I have to share. Take the time to partake in what she offers, you will not be sorry as it comes directly from her heart and she asks nothing in return. If you would like to share what she offers with others, that would be great as she only wants to give.

From: Loretta Angelica

Dear MaryGrace,

I don’t know if you remember me. I met you a few years ago at a New Age Expo in Sturbridge, Ma. I gave you a picture (see attachment) and you gave me a copy of your book and a beautiful yellow rose from your garden ( my mother had passed away,she loved yellow roses)

Thank you for having me on your email list. I love hearing from you. Even if I can’t visit you physically, when you share your insights-I feel like I’m right there at your home by the lake, listening to singing birds or sending you strength to shovel all that snow…You are an amazing woman. And, I love the inspirational, funny, thought provoking videos that you add to the end of your emails.

Today,I just wanted to send you some prayers, love and light. It seems like you are experiencing an initiation right now. Opening your heart to forgive others and especially to forgive your precious self. As you step through this initiation threshold you will expand and become more integrated with your higher self.

I’ve attached a poem that I thought you might enjoy. I’ve been wanting to share it with you ever since I heard your seminar about your book The Wounded Chalice.

I also wanted to show you my first art video! I’d love to hear your feedback.

It’s best to click on the above link. This is the high definition link. For some reason when you click on the YouTube link below it automatically goes to the low definition link.

Mary Grace, I have limited experience with video sharing. And I would be honored and grateful if you would share my video with your email contacts. I want to help bring Light & Love to the world like you, Jennifer McLean, Nicolya Christi and others.

Love and Light


Mary Grace