I have been sitting here at the computer most of the day. I have
been listening to replays of teleconferences that usually inspire or
make me feel a whole lot better. I have been struggling with what
to write to you in this newsletter because I like to send you items
or news that lift your heart after giving you a little food for

Today has been such that I did not wish to speak to anyone, call
anyone, or have any interaction with anyone. Did I like it? No!!!
It is like I am frozen and it is such an effort to talk. I do not
wish to even think or consider anything at all. It is too much of
an effort. I feel like a bump on a log that does nothing but stay
still. This is a very unusual mood for me. I even went back to bed
and slept for two more hours this morning.

I had quite an awakening or should I say an AHA moment of a pattern
that I suddenly realize I have been dealing with my whole life. It
concerns loved ones who have lied to me but their excuse is: “I didn’t
lie, I just didn’t tell you the whole truth”. I have made decisions
based on the information which did not turn out the way I had hoped.
Of course, I wouldn’t be who I am now if I had not experienced the
disappointments and results of those lies. In my soul, I know that
I agreed to these before I was born YET it does not make them any
easier to bear.

I believe that I went on a journey deep inside myself today to
rationally and lovingly forgive everyone and also to forgive myself
for allowing these betrayals. I am much harder on myself than I am
on those I love, why is that? Do I not deserve to give myself as
much love as I give to others? Of course, I do but I seem to need
reminders every now and then. Sometimes I wonder if I have been
alone these past 23 years because I have not had the courage to
trust again. And yet…..we give our trust to many every day of
our life. From the safety of the food we eat to the other drivers
ion the road.

As you can see, I am very pensive and my thoughts are very deep.
I am going to add a “Heavenletter” to this newsletter which might
explain what I am trying to say through my fog today. These are the
times of deep reflection and everything that has not been released
is being brought to the surface for the final release.

God is always bringing us closer to Him.

Heavenletter #4565 A New Picture, May 25, 2013

God said:
There is a theory that everything that is written, that everything
that happens was destined to happen. Sometimes it certainly seems
this way. Not always, but sometimes, sometimes often, it appears
that two people, for instance, were fated to meet and marry,
whether the marriage works out or not. We have talked about this
before, Destiny vs. Free Will. Perhaps Free Will is your
Destiny, or Destiny is your Free Will.

Be that as it may, there is some value in thinking that what is past
was destined. Whether what happened is to your credit or to your dismay,
there is value in thinking that it was destined. Thinking that it was
destined will save you a lot of woe. Thinking that all the past was
destined makes you face the fact, without discussion, that there is
nothing you can do about it now. The concept of Destiny may keep you
out of the trap of ruing, regretting, crying about the past. The
idea of Destiny may get it through your head that there is no point
in crying over spilt milk. There is not a better way to say this
than crying over spilled milk?

How much of your time on Earth have you spent in regret and trying to
relive and remake the past? How much time have you spent carting the
past around with you when you could have gotten on with your life?
How much time have you wasted in wishing you could go back in time
and erase what passed and do it over and make it new? How you have
wanted to undo the past and say something else or say nothing or to
speak up when you had been silent?

In a way, you are a writer of your life. Unlike a writer, you can’t
rewrite. You can’t cross out.

In a way, every day you write a chapter. And when the day is over,
that particular chapter is finished. That chapter is closed. It has
to be left as it is.

Now there is something else, however. Although it makes great sense
to leave a past chapter alone, and I recommend wholeheartedly that
you not turn back, there also can be value in revisiting a chapter
that is over. Can you guess what this possible advantage of going
over an unchangeable chapter could be?

What I think of is that you may see the exact same chapter in a
different way. What you were convinced was a mistake may in a later
re-reading seem not like a mistake at all but just right. The chapter
is the same, yet you see it with new eyes. Upon this second reading,
you may not seem to be the oaf you had thought you were. Is this not
a good thing? You are not spending time agonizing over the past.
Rather, you are seeing the past in a new light! You digest it
differently, and that is all the difference in the world.

So, what if you could have the idea that not only is the past finis,
to it.

Beloveds, every chapter that is written, no matter how homely, how
winsome, how troublesome, led you to where you are today. With this
realization, would you then be so quick to knock it? A particular
chapter may have been a broken step, one you wished you had skipped,
but what if, no matter what, it was a good step because it led you
to where you are today?

Are you not indeed in a good place when My words are before you today
and you are reading them and letting them become part of you?

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I want to leave you with a story and video that makes me feel
a lot more grateful and cheerful than before.

Love and Light

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