I am in the midst of another snowstorm which I would not mind but
somehow I “lost” the message I was writing to you. The energies are
having fun playing with me again. I think they are smiling as they
try to see if I still have my patience or am I losing it? Answer:
I am not sure. I will try again.

I received a call yesterday from a person named Daniel and I could
hardly make out what he was saying. His accent was very strong and
I kept telling him I did not know what he was saying. After repeated
tries, through spelling I found out he was with “1 Stop Earcade”
What that is I don’t know and I still don’t know positively but I
have my suspicions. He said my computer was downloading “malicious”
files and soon my computer would be so full that it will crash. I
was astounded and did not believe him as I still could not figure out
how he knew my computer was slowing down and how he even came by
my phone number. Come to think of it, He never mentioned my name
so I don’t know whether he knew it or not. He hit me in a very
deep place of fear, the computer and my lack of knowledge of how
it works. He called it an “awareness” call????? from this company
in NY. I asked what city but was only able to determine it is
Valleycotteve which I have never heard of but he spelled it for me

My solar plexus was doing push ups and I was feeling queezy. My
mind had to be focused on what he was trying to tell me so there was
not much left to do any rational thinking. Finally he told me to
go to my computer and put in some letters and he would be able to
diagnose the problem and fix it. My reasoning mind knew not to let
any person into my computer that I did not know or trust. It is even
scary for me to do that even with a technician that I CALLED.

He told me how to get into Run and put prefetch in that section. I
knew I was safe as long as I was doing it so I did. There were many
files and he asked me if any of them were familiar. I had to admit
that I did not recognize any and he said these were all “malicious”
files. I still would let him into my computer so he told me to
go back to RUN and insert “msconfig” and then click on services which
showed many I did recognize but some were running and some were
stopped. He said already things were being shut down and
it would not be long before my computer crashed.

I finally drew a long breath and said I would not do anything until
I speak to my younger son Bruce who knows a lot about computers. We
had already been on the phone for 20 minutes as conversation was so
difficult. Daniel (a strange name for someone from India?) wanted to
call me back in five minutes but I said: “No, give me a half hour.”
He had given me the phone number of his company and I asked what
this was going to cost and he said:”Nothing for the diagnosis but
there is a charge if they need to fix it and he did not determine
that”. The phone number is 1-888-514-1650.

My heart was pounding so much and my brain was not entirely free to
make decisions. When someone backs me into a deep fear, my mind
goes blank and it takes time for me to be coherent. I called Bruce
and told him what had happened. He checked and the web said this
company was a telemarketer and there were many complaints against it.

Thank goodness I could call me son for some guidance. He was furious
and suggested I tell Daniel that he(my son)would like to have his computer
diagnosed and then my son could check him out and see if actually
was on the up and up and if not, he would take of the situation.
Bruce and I talked for about a half an hour when my phone rang. I
was kind of hoping he would not call back. I asked Daniel about
checking out my son’s computer but he said he could only call the
phone numbers that he was told to call. I told him he was a
telemarketer and I wanted nothing to do with him. He denied it and
kept insisting that my computer was in danger but I finally told him
to delete me and my phone number from his list and if called me
again I would report it to the police and then I hung up.

My son later called the number I had been given and it was the
technical department: the R&D development, of this company and they
could tell him nothing. As I read what I wrote about this episode in
my life, I wonder why I ever even considered doing what I was asked
to do. It seems so obvious now but it was not when I was going
through it. Has this ever happened to you? These scammers seem to
know exactly what they need to say to convince you. Thank you
Angels for taking care of me when I was unable to.

I would like to believe that I would never have allowed him into my
computer even if my son had not been home. It was quite an
experience and now I have a deeper knowing of how people get conned
or scammed. Before this experience I was (cocky?) sure that I
could not be scammed but now I am not so sure. Fear is probably the
wrong word to use for what I felt. It is my lack of knowledge and
my knowing THAT I am not comfortable with all the computer does and
is capable of doing and so it leaves me at a disadvantage and I feel
powerless. I tend to believe people when they give me suggestions
about the computer because I feel that everyone knows more than me.

My brain seems to be programmed to take computer suggestions from
others and sometimes it leads me into websites that I don’t want.
Even google leads me on a merry chase as I seek information. I guess
I was more disappointed in myself for not seeing the scam coming.
Perhaps it is my ego that is a little deflated but I did not “feel”
any danger from this man except I know enough not to let anyone into
my computer any more than I would let a stranger into my bank account.

I am telling you this so you will be forewarned if this man or company
calls you. I also need to acknowledge that my halo slipped down and
I am not so all knowing in my own eyes. Another thing I am uncomfortable
with is my lack of sensing any danger, my 6th sense did not warn me
but now that I am thinking about it, my 3rd chakra was screaming
at me. Yet, even when my son is working on my computer, I am very
uncomfortable because computer based people do things with little
thought and then I have no way to understand what they did or how to
undo it. I am comfortable if I can delete something that I down
loaded but if I don’t know how to “undo”, I am uneasy.

I have gained a lot from this experience and hope you never have
to experience it. My wish for you is that you learn from what
happened to me. This was a first for me and I need some
laughter right about now. How about you?

An Oldie but Goodie

Another one to make you laugh out loud.

Subject: Where Babies Come From? Its Priceless….

Have the sound on high and listen to every word ….
it’s simply hilarious!!

Hey, it finally stopped snowing. Now I just need to wait for
the plow to do my street and then the young men who do my driveway
will be able to come and get me open again. Thank you for letting
me share my “scary” experience with you and I will take the storm
ending as a sign that ALL IS WELL!

Love and Light

Mary Grace

PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA