Hurray, Hurray, Hurray, I got my car back and it looks better than it did before it got a kiss from the deer. I was concerned that it would be totaled as it is a 2004 Toyota Rav 4 with only 143,000 miles.  It still has half of its life to go. I have been without it for 3 weeks and I learned from a 2019 rental of a Mitchubitshi with 3 rows of seats that I prefer my little Rav 4, that I like keys for my car and not the push button, I do not like the computer in the car, The stick shift is hard to manipulate although it is the control shaped like a stick shift, and it is not easy to park as either the front end or the back end sticks out. I did love the heated seats but missed my ability to preheat my car without leaving the house. The trunk was difficult to open and it had a much smaller trunk and also less window space to see out of the back. I am grateful for its heaviness and smooth ride and its ability in the snow yet my Rav 4 has that too.  Baldyga’s in Palmer, Ma is who got her back on the road and also surprised me with an extra gift I was not expecting.  I got in the car and realized that my windows were clean, all the dust on my console was gone. The inside of my car had been cleaned up for me.  What a Christmas gift that was. Of course, the outside was sparkly clean too.  How thorough they were.

I am late in sending this as when I got the call that my car was ready; I could not focus on this newsletter.  I was too excited and I knew you would understand and probably not care any way.

The energy on Earth is still so strong and there are many predictions of what is happening and why.  There are opportunities to transcend what has been troubling you and to enjoy the Holidays with more solutions to come.  Patricia Diane Cota Robles has a great meditation which is not too long that will ease many of our worries and concerns.  Here it is.


This is an idea, a message that needs to be spread all over the planet. 

Perhaps this will start a trend which dogs and their owners will just love.

Wow, can you just imagine THIS.

Are we done with THIS yet?????

This is a video from Matt Kahn who is irreverently funny. I don’t know how he does it but his humor seems to bring truth to whatever he is speaking about.  And we all laugh.  What a way to learn…by laughing.  I know I mentioned him to you the other day and you were not aware of him so I thought I would give you a taste.  If you want to delete him, wait until you have laughed 3 times.  Sorry, you can delete him whenever you want, if you want.

I am always astounded by the inovations that we humans come up with.  What a great idea. Grief is relieved by hugging.

Love and Light