I am on time today and I promise I won’t write as much as I did last week.  When I learn something new, I feel inspired to share it with you so it may impart some wisdom that will assist you in perhaps sharing the joy or giving you a heads up so you don’t do the same thing. I am walking just about straight now with the help of a wheeled walker.  Boy, they are a god send and it also enables me to put things on the seat so I can move them back to their rightful place.  Another thing I realized is that I have a small foldable stool which fits on the seat and enables me to hang things up and reach anything since I still cannot stretch as far as normal.  Oh, my friend brought over a shower chair.  When I first saw it I thought it was so big sitting in my tub.  To my delight, it was perfect and I was able to take a shower and wash my hair. It was such a delight that I had taken for granted.  Circumstances in life sure give you an opportunity to look at your routines differently and to appreciate what you had and also to be creative in solving the little challenges that present themselves to you.

It does not seem possible that Easter, my favorite holyday, is only a little over a week away.  I have not been able to go to Church or distribute Communion in over 4 weeks and I really miss it.  I am determined I will be at Easter Vigil even if I have to sit on the altar with my purple walker.  I am hoping to not have to do that but I am determined to be there.

Have you ever wondered what Light Language is, where it came from or what it means?  AS a Charismatic Catholic, I am familiar with speaking in tongues like was taught in the bible. Here is an explanation from someone I know you are familiar with.

I had no idea that renewable energy was so prevalent.  There are many good things going on in the WORLD that are never in the news so we are kept in the dark about many advances that humanity is making.

Would you like to laugh?  Perhaps you had a teacher like this one who made learning so much fun.

Have you ever had your child or someone dear to you be in the hospital?  See what is available for you to bring that will make that stay for you and the patient more enjoyable.  Hurray for the creators who share their ideas?

This sounds ominous but it is actually an encouraging prediction.

Love and Light

Mary Grace